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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1. Anterolateral hydrodissection-assisted core needle biopsy (CNB) of entirely calcified nodule. (A) A 68-year-old female patient presented with an entirely calcified nodule (*) with dimension of 6×7×11 mm on the left side of the thyroid gland with prominent posterior acoustic shadowing. (B) Anterolateral hydrodissection was performed to create a safe margin (dotted lines). CCA: common carotid artery. (C) Two CNB specimens were acquired and underwent subsequent mammography magnification examination, which demonstrated clustered punctate calcifications (arrow). The normalized SI values of calcifications (arrow) were 2.1 and non-calcified portions were 1.5. The pathology confirmed it as adenomatous hyperplasia with microfollicular and macrofollicular proliferation.
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