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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4. Positive relationship of THRB expression with EMT-related genes. (A) Correlation between expression levels of THRA, THRB and epithelial to mesenchymal transition genes in TCGA THCA. (B) qPCR analysis presenting T3 induced upregulation of EMT-related genes in BCPAP cells. (C) Comparison of the expression of HIF1A target genes according to subtype switch from high NCOR1/high THRA (NCOR1-THRA) to high SMRT/high THRB (SMRT/THRB). Comparison of (D) immune score, (E) stromal score, and (F) ESTIMATE score according to subtype switch. EMT: epithelial- mesenchymal transition, HIF1A: hypoxia inducible factor1 alpha, NCOR1: nuclear receptor corepressor 1, SMRT: silencing mediator for retinoid or thyroid hormone receptor, TCGA: The Cancer Genome Atlas, THCA: thyroid carcinoma, THRA: thyroid hormone receptor alpha, THRB: thyroid hormone receptor beta. All experiments were repeated three times, and each experiment was performed in triplicate. Data are presented as mean±S.D. Correlation coefficients were calculated by Pearson’s method. Mean comparisons were analyzed by an unpaired or paired t test. *p<0.01; **p<0.001; ***p< 0.0001.
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