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Adverse Events of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Patients with Advanced Thyroid Cancer
Int J Thyroidol 2018;11(2):61-70
Published online November 30, 2018;
© 2018 Korean Thyroid Association.

Min Joo Kim1,2 and Young Joo Park1

Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital1, Department of Internal Medicine, Healthcare Research Institute, Seoul National University Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center2, Seoul, Korea
Correspondence to: Young Joo Park, MD, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, 101 Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03080, Korea
Tel: 82-2-2072-4183, Fax: 82-2-764-2199, E-mail:
Received October 15, 2018; Revised November 16, 2018; Accepted November 16, 2018.
This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) are widely used for the treatment of advanced radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer. Although the previous studies including large-scale randomized controlled trials have demonstrated the effects of TKIs in advanced thyroid cancers, it has been found that most patients experienced adverse events (AEs). Unlike other cancers, even patients with advanced thyroid cancers are often asymptomatic. Rather, TKI use can make patients suffer adverse events. Therefore, the use of TKI should be decided after the full consideration of AEs as well as its efficacies. While using TKI, AEs should be monitored, evaluated, and managed appropriately, if AEs develop. In this review, the occurrence, evaluation, and management of AEs of sorafenib, lenvatinib, and vandetanib will be described, which TKIs are most commonly used for the treatment of advanced thyroid cancer. Some suggestions for the management of AEs in the real life are also provided.
Keywords : Adverse events, Lenvatinib, Sorafenib, Thyroid cancer, Vandetanib

November 2018, 11 (2)