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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Summary of case reports on biotin-induced thyroid immunoassay interference

Author (year) Gender, age, disease Biotin dose Assay(s) TSH FT4 FT3/TT3 TRAb LT4 intake
Wijeratne et al.9) (2012) Male, Healthy subject 30 mg/day Beckman DxI - - No
Elston et al.8) (2016) Female, 63, MS 100 mg TID Roche Cobas 6000 No
Barbesino15) (2016) Male, 55, MS 100 mg TID Roche Elecsys No
Al-Salameh et al.18) (2017) Male, 32, XAL 100 mg TID Roche Cobas e170 No
Ardabilygazir et al.19) (2018) Female, 49, MS, GD post iodine-131 200 mg/day No description - Yes
Koehler et al.16) (2018) Male, 47, MS 100 mg TID No description No
Odhaib et al.17) (2019) Female, 23 20 mg/day Roche Cobas e411 No
Male, 45, NTT 30 mg/day Roche Cobas e411 Yes
Park (2021) Female, 83, PTC 300 μg/day Roche Cobas c702 - Yes
Female, 43, PTC - Roche Cobas c702 - No
Male, 69, PTC - Roche Cobas c702 - Yes

FT3: free triiodothyronine, FT4: free thyroxine, GD: Graves’ disease, LT4: levothyroxine, MS: multiple sclerosis, NTT: near total thyroidectomy, PTC: papillary thyroid cancer, TID: three times per day, TRAb: thyrotropin receptor antibody, TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone, TT3: total triiodothyronine, TT4: total thyroxine, XAL: X-linked adrenomyeloneuropathy

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