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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Correlation among factors associated with congenital hypothyroidism

Factors PedsQL

Physical functioning Social functioning Emotional functioning School/nursery functioning Psychosocial functioning
Age at first treatment* (r=−0.568, p=0.000) (r=−0.343, p=0.028) (r=−0.315, p=0.045) (r=−0.315, p=0.045) (r=−0.440, p=0.004)
Length treatment* (r=0.776, p=0.000) (r=0.719, p=0.000) (r=0.603, p=0.000) (r=0.757, p=0.000) (r=0.852, p=0.000)
Initial dose of LT4* (r=−0.568, p=0.000) (r=−0.492, p=0.001) (r=−0.337, p=0.031) (r=−0.296, p=0.061) (r=−0.482, p=0.001)
fT4 (r=0.169, p=0.291) (r=0.109, p=0.499) (r=0.202, p=0.206) (r=0.097, p=0.546) (r=0.153, p=0.338)
TSH (r=−0.286, p=0.070) (r=−0.308, p=0.050) (r=0.005, p=0.976) (r=−0.221, p=0.166) (r=−0.225, p=0.158)

fT4: free thyroxine, LT4: levothyroxine, PedsQL: Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory, TSH: thyroid stimulating hormone

Statistics were carried out using Spearman’s test.

*Statistically significant correlated.

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